Mobile Minutes: General Mills, Nike, Square, Facebook


General Mills reverses legal terms after controversy
General Mills announced it was removing controversial legal terms from its website on Saturday following an uproar over the changes.
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Nike’s Fuelband hits the wall
Everyone knew that many of these wearable computers werent long for this world. Few predicted that the first big failure would be Nikes Fuelband.
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Mobile-payments startup Square discusses possible sale
With losses widening and cash shrinking, representatives of mobile-payments startup Square Inc. have discussed a possible sale to several deeper-pocketed rivals, according to people familiar with the matter.
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Facebook hasa mobile ad network on the way, and it could be huge new business
Facebook’s long-awaited mobile ad network is finally on its way, meaning the social network will soon be using its valuable consumer data to sell ads on other companies’ mobile apps and web sites.
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