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Nokia devices to become Microsoft Mobile on April 25
Microsoft has at last announced that its acquisition of Nokia’s Devices division will close this Friday, April 25. Originally expected to close last quarter, the $7.1 billion purchase was delayed pending regulatory approval.
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For the first time, Android passes Apple’s iOS mobile ad traffic
For years, the rise of Android seemed to put almost no dent in the massive proportion of mobile traffic generated by Apple’s AAPL +1.17% iPhones. Various theories held that despite their rapid sales, early Android phones werent as easy to use as iPhones, didnt have the latest and greatest apps, or simply were bought and used by people who cared more about making phone calls and texting than using a lot of apps or roaming the mobile Web. As a result, advertisers preferred to direct ads to iPhone users.
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OpenTable is moving from ‘transactional’ to ‘experiential’
The company has articulated in recent communications with investors that it wants to expand their relationship with their two constituencies, Diners and Restaurants, beyond the simpler transactional to a deeper, more engaged experiential relationship. The purpose of this transition is to increase the seated diners for their network restaurants, which ultimately means higher revenues and profits for OpenTable.
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China Mobile profit drops as costs rise with iPhone release
China Mobile Ltd. (941), the worlds largest phone company by users, posted its third straight drop in quarterly profit as expenses for subsidizing Apple Inc. (AAPL)s iPhone and building networks increased.
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