Revolt TV’s digital-first strategy targeting millennials adds mobile app


Revolt TV, Sean Combs music-themed digital cable network, recently released a mobile application that features long-form content to engage the music enthusiast who lives in a real-time culture.

Revolthopes to resonatewith millennials via live all-access content. The 24/7 music channelaims to filla void in music television and entertainment, where popular networks like MTV and VH1, which used to air music videos and related programming, have swayed towards reality TV in recent years.

Unlike other networks or media companies that target this audience, we are not developing shows that are all things to all people Revolt focuses purely on music and music culture, said Jake Katz, vice president of audience insights and strategy at Revolt TV, Los Angeles.

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We see our audience’s innovative media behaviors as an opportunity, not a dilemma,he said.Young consumers spend more time online on their smartphone than they do on a desktop computer. Unlike most mobile content, our app features long form editorial and long form video content.”

App game
Complementing the networks on-demand queue, the Revolt app allows users to watch the channel live, access videos on the go, set programming reminders from a smartphone and read breaking news.

Revolt’s format of breaking news for its app

Inspired by the increasing feed style consumption of content online and increasingly visual nature of the Web, Revolt is experimenting with content formats. The app launched with an exclusive release of a short form mobile series called “Making The Brand,” which is an inside look at the creation of Revolt.

Feed style formatting

For an audience that prefers to watch TV content across many devices, the Revolt app gives fans the ability to authenticate their cable subscription and watch Revolt directly on their mobile devices.

Features include a video gallery, where users gain access to interviews, video clips and music videos, live news feeds, presenting users access to everything from videos and articles to shows.

There is also a watch live option, where users with a Comcast/ Time Warner ID and cable subscription to Revolt can watch on demand. Scheduling options let users set reminders or share the show on social media.

Subscribers can watch Revolt on-demand

We know our audience lives in mobile, which means this is as important of a touch point for our consumer as our linear experience,” Mr. Katz said. “Unlike other TV brands focused on this audience, our mobile strategy is not simply to create a touch point that drives eyeballs to TV. Instead we want our mobile presence to provide access to the same great content we feature on any other platform or screen.”

Streaming live
Distributed through Comcast, Revolt is trying to stand out by connecting young people with artists through social media trends and backstage exclusive access viewing of stars on tour and in action.

From a brand standpoint, Revolts music curation and bold point-of-view on the music conversation makes them a valuable offering for the younger consumer.

Revolt brings music stars and fans together

All of Revolts content is in real-time, which is heavily skewed towards mobile.

New opportunities
The TV everywhere initiative of Revolt allows the brand to reach people who are passionate about music across all genres.

Similar to how news is absorbed through an individuals go to network for specifics CNN or Fox for insight, news, and government topics or ESPN for sports related content Revolt gives millennials the opportunity to discuss music.

Revolt will continue to stay nimble and hungry to evolve our content experience based on the always changing nature of our audience,” Mr. Katz said. “Every disruption our audience brings to the media industry will continue to be a source of inspiration as we build, tear down, and re-build.”

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