Bacardi latches on to mobile for at-home mixology campaign


Bacardi’s new app

Bacardi is pulling double duty with a new mobile site and application as part of a campaign that aims to position its products for a young adult crew by tapping into the mixology trend.

The spirits brands new Mixed Cocktails campaign is meant to show consumers the numerous options that consumers have to make their own, bar-grade cocktails at home. The new app and site are part of a bigger partnership that Bacardi has developed with culinary brand Jamie Oliver Group.

“Building a mixology app is a great way for Bacardi to engage their audience while inviting users to get further enjoyment from the Bacardi beverages,”said Shuli Lowy, New York-based marketing director at Ping Mobile.

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“The idea, however, is late in its conception and is therefore no longer unique. There are already many mixology apps available across all app stores,” she said. “Bacardi is banking on the fact that the apps crisp, clean experience combined with the powerful co-branding of Bacardi and Jamie Oliver will be a powerful enough incentive to get users to switch over from other mixology apps or get new users to participate in the Bacardi mixology experience.”

Ms. Lowy is not affiliated with Bacardi. She spoke based on her expertise on the subject.

Bacardi did not respond to press inquiries.

App happy
Bacardis app is available for free download in Apples App Store, and an Android version will roll out later this year.

The app aggregates a combination of recipes and other pieces of content from Bacardi brands including Grey Goose, Dewars and Bombay Sapphire in addition to its signature rum.

Bacardi claims that more than 400 recipes are bundled within the app, which include step-by-step directions and how-to guides that show consumers how to pair sprints with different flavors.

To help consumers wade through the amount of recipes, search is a big emphasis for the app. For example, consumers can filter down recipes based on specific tastes.

A screenshot of the app

The brand also hopes to squeeze some data out of the app by making certain features such as social sharing only accessible to registered members.

Signing in with an account unlocks several game features, including the ability to earn rewards for sharing concoctions with friends and family members.

Balancing Web priorities
Bacardi has also launched a mobile and Web site in conjunction with the app for the Mixed Cocktails campaign.

While the app is aimed at driving repeat usage through gamification and social media, the site is a slimmed-down version and categorizes recipes by popularity or type of cocktail.

Other elements to the partnership with Jamie Oliver Group include a YouTube channel called DrinksTube that is an extension of Jamie Olivers FoodTube channel.

One the DrinksTube videos

Branded content will also run on Mr. Olivers Jamie Magazine and

In addition to sponsoring DrinksTube, Bacardi will churn out branded content for the YouTube channel. The brand will debut a cocktail-themed segment each Friday on YouTube and a new recipe in the app, which could be helpful in getting consumers to come back to the app regularly.

“This weekly renewal, if properly promoted, will serve as a strategic re-engagement tool,” Ms. Lowy said.

“Many apps struggle not just with gaining initial downloads but also with achieving subsequent re-engagement,” she said. Providing a constant renewal in the app is a great way to keep people coming back.”

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is associate reporter on Mobile Marketer, New York

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