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YouTube unveils Google Preferred at NewFronts event
The advertisers spokeOK, complainedand YouTube listened. That was the message at Googles third annual Brandcast, its installment of the Digital Content NewFronts on Wednesday at the Madison Square Garden Theater. The digital video juggernaut announced the launch of a new initiative, Google Preferred, that allowed advertisers to more easily buy into the top tier of content on the site, and to effectively measure the performance of the videos as well.
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App ticketing coming to LIRR and Metro-North in 2015
Sometime in 2015 when you are running for a Metro-North or LIRR train you will be able to bypass the the ticket booth lines and the vending machines, and simply open an app on your phone or tablet to buy your ticket for the same price and show it to the conductor.
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Major Snapchat update adds chatting, video calls
Snapchat just became a bit chattier. When users update their mobile app, they’ll find that the popular picture-sharing app has added the ability to chat and place video calls with others.
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Kid wearables? LeapFrog debuts fitness tracker for training wheels set
The inevitable is happening: Kids and wearable devices are now going hand-in-hand, er, wrist-in-wrist. But will parents jump at the opportunity to shell out $40 for a digital wristband?
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