Mobile Minutes: Facebook wiretapping, Gmail, Yonder, Square


Facebook, Zynga beat wiretap lawsuits
Facebook and Zynga have defeated class-action lawsuits accusing the companies of civil wiretapping allegations connected to advertising practices.
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Google toying with desktop Gmail overhaul
Google is apparently testing an updated Gmail interface that looks like a new mobile UI under development, according to leaked images obtained by And as we look forward to the expected Hangouts-Google Voice integration, there’s a spot on the side of the potential new interface page for Hangoutsand it’s collapsible.
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New Yonder music service challenges subscription model
To many in the music industry, Apples pending $3.2 billion deal for Beats Electronics, which emerged last week, suggested a watershed moment for streaming music by subscription. Once a marginal model, it is now being trumpeted as the future of consumption by Spotify, Rhapsody, Rdio, and Beats own service, Beats Music.
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Square turned dollars into data. Now it’ll turn that data into gold
If you want to build a sports stadium that generates lots of money not just for the team, but also for local businesses in the surrounding area, build it in a part of town thats pedestrian-friendly.
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