Schick turns to X-Men fans to recruit new customers through mobile game


Schick is
challenging male X-Men fans to play a mobile-first trivia game accessed through
Facebook as part of a collaboration tied
to the new X-Men film debuting this week.

Now in its four-week mark, the Challenge is at over 16,000
registered players, with an average of 2.2 plays per user. By providing compelling content it
hopes users will want to share with their friends, Schick has tapped into the
huge audience of young, male X-men fans to try to convert them into Hydro fans.

We wanted to provide people, X-MEN fans specifically, more
than we were asking in return to get them engaged with Schick Hydro’s Challenge
campaign, said
Rebecca Beacham, account director at Beeby
Clark+Meyler, Stamford, CT.

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The experience taps into guys’ competitive nature and ties
in with the ‘Challenge’ by giving them a chance to test how much they know
about the X-MEN films and share that out with their networks, she said.

Though the experience is available across devices, we
planned and designed it mobile first to ensure that the game could be played
anywhere, anytime.

Beeby Clark+Meyler is the agency that worked with Schick on developing
the campaign game.

Challenged X-cepted
Smart device
users spend as much time on Facebook as on the mobile Web according to a report
by Flurry. Recognizing the large adoption of gaming and social media
consumption happening on mobile devices, Schick is enticing consumers to engage
in branded content incentivized by weekly and grand prizes.

The trivia game requires players to race against a seven-second timer for each
allotted question and ante up with friends to prove who the bigger series buff


Topics range from past to recent movie trivia

For each
game played, fans will be entered into a sweepstakes to win various weekly
prizes, including “X-MEN: Days of Future Past” movie merchandise and
HD flat screen TVs. One player will win an ultimate grand prize of $1,800 in
addition to the Directors chair from the set and a custom-made Magneto

Trivia questions

partnership with 20th Century Fox is part of a bigger initiative to
encourage consumers to try something different in their daily morning routine.

The Schick
Hydro Challenge entices men to try a Schick Hydro razor; if the consumer does
not prefer it to his current razor, his money will be refunded.

Incorrect answers show up in red

Anyone who
purchases two branded packs of razors through June will receive a free X-Men

Connecting with mobile users
Brands are
struggling to connect with the mobile generation of users despite the freeform
creativity the channel presents.

Video and banner
ads are not only intrusive when displayed on smartphones, but largely
ineffective as well because of the ill perceived time lapse mobile devices
conveyseconds feel like minutes, minutes feel like hours.

Mobile Web
optimized games have various advantages when compared to native app games:
there is no downloading, games are supported on all device landscapes
regardless of operating system thanks to HTML5 and can be accessed anywhere a
browser exists.

They can
also be distributed to large target demographics through mobile, social and
online channels

Major brands such as
Progressive Insurance, HBO, WWE, Disney and McDonalds have all made mobile Web
games a part of their digital strategies.

Schick gets it right
as well by engaging users based off their performance and the
challenge-a-friend functionality.

Only die-hard fans
are most likely to download a branded gaming app, and so mobile Web games offer
more potential for reach and virility.

Because the content
can be updated much more seamlessly than with a native game, the flexibility
factor becomes critical for any time-sensitive campaign tied to a film or new
product release.

Hydro has a strong social presence across Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. These
platforms are inherently mobile and we design our content to reach our fans on
their preferred devices, Ms. Beacham said.

The Schick
team pays very close attention to their audiences’ media consumption habits.
And, for this audience, a significant portion of their time each day is spent
on their mobile devices. In order to remain relevant it is essential that we
have a presence in mobile.

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