Mobile Minutes: China Mobile, Verizon, Facebook, Google+


China Mobile to boost content as Tencents WeChat eats texts
China Mobile Ltd., the worlds largest phone company by users, said it will boost sales of content such as mobile games, music and e-books as competition from instant-messaging applications eats into voice and text.
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Verizon to test mobile video on 4G LTE at Indy 500
Verizon will take its new mobile video service for a test drive on its 4G wireless network at the Indy 500 this weekend.
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Facebook adds feature to identify music, TV shows
Facebook added a mobile feature that identifies music and TV shows playing in the background, part of an effort to target ads more precisely.
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Google+ gets new Android app, automatically generated photo albums
With the future of Google+ in question after the section head departed a month ago, Googles social network has just unveiled a slew of new features.
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