Calvin Klein incorporates charity with Eternity’s 25th anniversary


U.S. fashion label Calvin Klein is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its Eternity fragrance with a global philanthropic initiative titled the #EternityProject.

The #EternityProject, a global philanthropic initiative in support of the Every Mother Counts organization, was launched to build awareness for maternal health. Proceeds made from the campaigns anniversary boutique go toward the organization, which asks the public to take two minutes to make a difference by donating and sharing.

“Social is a very personal medium,” said Mark Ogne, Chief Marketing Officer at NewzSocial .

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“People of common interests will gravitate to learn and collaborate with things that interest them. It is the epitome of a pull marketing environment. The Eternity Project is both a compelling social call to action and an excellent use of these principles.”

Mr. Ogne is not affiliated with Calvin Klein, but agreed to comment based on his expertise in the marketing field.

Taking the time
Calvin Klein used a play-on-words effect to market the new campaign, allowing the initiative to serve as two parts: a supportive movement and a marketing opportunity.

The take two minutes phrase represents the pregnant women that die every two minutes from complications during pregnancy and childbirth.

The label promoted the campaign using Facebook and Twitter and provided additional information about the organization. An advertisement on its Facebook page reads, The #EternityProject fosters the message of eternal love through the support of philanthropic endeavors to better the lives of individuals and communities.

The phrase is alongside a photo of model Christy Turlington Burns, advocate for maternal health and founder of Every Mother Counts, and a quote accompanies the photo.

I became a maternal health advocate the day I became a mom, Ms. Turlington Burns said, as shown on the Facebook post.

Christy Turlington Burns, Calvin Klein model, is also founder of Every Mother Counts

Social media followers are encouraged to share the photo to spread awareness, and the photo has generated 37 shares.

Featuring a favorable model like Ms. Turlington Burns, who worked with Calvin Klein throughout her career, adds to the marketability of the cause. Calvin Klein also linked to the organizations Twitter page and YouTube videos, making it easy for those interested to learn more quickly.

The YouTube video is not affiliated with Calvin Klein, but promotes the organization entirely and is about two and a half minutes long.
Together We Can

Sharing and caring
Brands are using charities as a way to not only show support for non-profits but also to bring in business.

The Mizuno Baton app tracks miles to calculate the donation of $1 for every mile run to nonprofits using fitness as a gateway to help disadvantaged individuals. The program is the second phase of Mizunos What If Everybody Ran? campaign, which celebrates runnings ability to inspire positive change.

All proceeds benefit Back on My Feet, an organization which aids those experiencing homelessness to regain traction in their personal and professional lives through job placement and other resources (see story).

Toyota Corp.s Lexus has also done something similar.

Lexus teamed up with volunteer-driven charity St. Baldricks Foundation to raise awareness of childrens cancer leading up to St. Patricks Day with a contest that promotes solidarity. Fans were invited to shave their heads on their own or at a local St. Baldricks event and create a 15-second Instagram video stating what bold action they will take if they win the $2,500 prize.

Not only did the contest leverage the time-tested solidarity move of shaving ones head, but also furthers the IS promotion through the bold component, thus increasing the scope of people that could potentially get involved (see story). Supporting charities is always an efficient marketing source.

The Eternity Project is an excellent way for Calvin Klein to build new, positive associations for its brand with consumers, said Tammy Tan, Associate Partner at Vivaldi Partners Group.

Many brand tie themselves to social causes to provide a positive halo, whether its through a campaign, like Kenneth Cole, to other retail brands that are fundamentally associated with a mission-related purpose, like Toms and Patagonia.

This Eternity Project campaign adds another layer to Calvin Kleins association with Christy Turlington, the longtime face of the Calvin Klein Eternity perfume. Her original ads for the fragrance launched in the late 1980s. With her recent return as the face of Eternity and its 25th anniversary, it seems like a very meaningful way to celebrate this, by supporting Turlington’s Every Mother Counts charity.


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