McDonald’s pairs McFlurry with branded entertainment content for summer fun


McDonalds is helping McFlurry fans get the scoop on their favorite pop musicians via a new music entertainment show appearing on 4Music in Britain this summer.

Summer Scoop will consist of four 30-minute shows focused on the personalities of some of pop musics biggest names. Mobile users, who can watch 4Music from the Box TV + app, will be encouraged to share a selfie for a chance to appear in the final episode of the show.

Branded digital content plays an important role in marketing large QSR chains, said Shuli Lowy, marketing director at Ping Mobile, New York.

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McDonaldss Summer Scoop entertainment show is attaching their McFlurry to hot topics in entertainment that their target audience has already demonstrated interest in, she said. This is a strategic step because its a lot easier to get people interested in the latest in music entertainment than in a scoop of ice cream.

McDonalds began the year by stating that it planned to build its brand by spearheading both marketing and digital initiatives with an open eye to experimentation. True to its word, the brand has directed many marketing initiatives within the digital space and is certainly emerging as a digital leader amongst QSRs.

Frozen treats
Summer Scoop is a follow up to last summers McFlurry Music Mix Up, which also appeared on 4Music and consisted of two 60-minute shows. For the earlier campaign, consumers were able to scan a QR code on a cup of its McFlurry frozen treat to be directed to an online hub for the program.

The first episode of Summer Scoop will air on June 12 and will include interviews with pop musicians, performances and entertainment news.

The initiative is an example of how McDonalds is looking to bring added value to the restaurant experience via branded content while showcasing the McFlurry as a summer treat.

Branded content is playing a growing role for marketers, especially as consumers increasingly consume short snippets of content on the go from their mobile devices.

Digital relationships
During the summer months, it can be more challenging to grab consumers attention as they are traveling, at the beach or otherwise trying to relax and enjoy the warm weather. This makes mobile a key channel for reaching consumers who are spending more time away from their televisions and desktops.

McDonalds has been active in the area of branded content for some time.

Music is a go-to marketing tool for McDonald’s as it looks to drive interest from younger consumers.

Last month, the chain created a unique interactive musical experience to evoke the feeling of five different United States locations while also driving deeper engagements with mobile users in the hopes of getting them in the mood for a burger (see story).

Last year, McDonald’s rolled out an ad campaign for iTunes Radio to drive in-store traffic (see story).

Building a digital relationship with consumers is becoming increasingly more important for QSRs who are shifting towards running their loyalty programs as well as offering ordering options through digital, particularly mobile, channels, Ms. Lowy said.

Pizza Hut is now reporting that about one third of its sales are coming through mobile and many QSRs are witnessing a similar trend, she said.

Creating a digital presence with consumers is now that much more important for QSRs.

Final Take
Chantal Tode is associate editor on Mobile Marketer, New York


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