Mobile Minutes: Twitter, T-Mobile, Google, Regent Street


Proof that Twitter is a terrible market research tool
It is often said that Twitter is a great gauge of the public mood: want to know what everyones talking about? Just go to the trending in your area section of the website and have a look its all there in order of importance.
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T-Mobile confirms Wi-Fi calling coming to iPhones
While Apple highlighted a number of new features coming to iOS 8 atWWDC this morning, there were many exciting additions that werent discussed onstage, including support for Wi-Fi calling. This added capability will allow you to make standard voice calls over a Wi-Fi network, and T-Mobile has now confirmed that it will support the feature when the update is released this fall.
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Google will kill off its digital coupon business, Zavers
Google has decided to discontinue a 17-month-old initiative that let shoppers clip coupons online and then get those savings when they purchased products in the stores of partnering retailers.
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Iconic London shopping street gets latest accessory: beacons
Regent Street, a popular shopping and tourist destination in the west end of London, is picking up a new bauble: Mobile beacons.
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