Clorox recommits to Viggle for World Cup following previous success


The Clorox Co. is once again partnering with second-screen mobile application Viggle, this time to drive engagement with soccer fans for the companys Clorox Liquid Bleach, Hidden Valley and Glad brands.

The campaign is running during the 2014 FIFA World Cup, with Clorox sponsoring Viggles new Vigoooal game. Clorox videos are running throughout the matches in key areas of the app, with Clorox receiving a higher percentage during games with the U.S. team.

Clorox has seen great brand engagement within the Viggle experience during shows like the Bachelorette that have strong social followings, said Ellen Liu, media director at The Clorox Company.

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Now with the World Cup, Viggle is taking it to the next level by surrounding one of the most highly-anticipated and socially-shared events of the year, she said. While some of the basic engagements are similar to past partnerships, Viggle has created unique experience specific to the World Cup games.

Additionally, three Clorox brands are participating: Clorox Liquid Bleach, Hidden Valley Ranch, Glad.

Soccer trivia
Last year, Clorox leveraged Viggle with a campaign around ABCs The Bachelorette that generated a 54 percent engagement rate (see story).

The campaign resulted in a 78 percent engagement rate with Clorox ads within the Viggle show pages, and generated a 62 percent engagement rate for the voting unit component of the campaign.

Viggle also produced a Viggle LIVE experience, a real-time game of trivia and polls, which drove a 41 percent engagement rate among those who were checked into the show. Further, 78 percent of users that played along answered a question about the on-air television spot correctly.


With mobile users increasingly engaging with their devices during live television events such as the World Cup, Clorox is once again partnering with Viggle.

While much of the second-screen engagement for live events is happening across social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, Viggle has created some content specific to the World Cup, such as the Vigoooal game, that it hopes will attract viewers.

Clorox is sponsoring Vigoooal during the 2014 World Cup games.

Vigoooal is a real-time sports game that enables Viggle members to answer trivia questions during or prior to scheduled World Cup games.

When members play Vigoooal during a live game, they can answer questions related to the game, teams and players to gain Viggle Points. Viggle members can answer which team will score the first goal of the game and earn points for correct answers.

Casual fans
For games scheduled in the future, members predict the final result and earn points for predicting the correct score.

Individual points will be cumulatively tracked during the entire tournament so users can see how they stack up against other Vigoooal players at any time on a leaderboard featuring top scorers.

Clorox video is running throughout the games, with Clorox receiving a higher presence during Team USA games.

The brand is also running video in Viggle LIVE for the World Cup, which offers a synced trivia game engaging casual fans with soccer-based questions.

The Viggle partnership is the latest example of how Clorox is leveraging mobile to engage consumers.

This spring, Clorox launched its biggest Twitter campaign ever with a four-hour Ick Awards Twitter party featuring real-time reenactments of parents submissions showcasing the everyday messes they have to deal with (see story).

The World Cup campaign extends to Viggles sister site WetPaint, where Clorox branding is appearing around soccer content.

There are a few ways Clorox Brands are integrated into the World Cup Viggle experience, including World Cup targeted Viggle Media where consumers check-in to games and see brand pre-roll video, Ms. Liu said.

Final Take
Chantal Tode is associate editor on Mobile Marketer, New York

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