Mobile Minutes: net neutrality, Facebook, WebMD, Tim Cook


Mobile ‘net neutrality’ faces new day of reckoning at FCC
A surge in mobile Internet usage has U.S. regulators considering whether to apply the same rules to fixed and wireless Internet traffic, and large technology firms are siding with consumer advocates to call for such a change.
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Mobile developers face higher user acquisition costs with Facebook’s changes to mobile app advertising
Facebook is updating the advertising unit that promotes application installs in Facebooks mobile app. The Mobile App Ad for Install will take users who click on the advert directly to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store so they can download and install the advertised app.
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WebMD relaunches iPhone app as a hub for fitness data
Health apps and fitness trackers can be a bit of a mess nowadaysand in that mess WebMD sees an opportunity. You might have a fitness band with a corresponding app, another app for tracking runs or bike rides, and yet another to track what youre eating each day. On Monday, WebMD updated its iPhone app to be a catch-all for the data produced by different wearables, as well as a daily fitness tracker and health minder.
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Tim Cook, making Apple his own
Tim Cook, Apples chief executive, was an adolescent boy in a small Alabama town in the early 1970s when he saw something he couldnt forget.
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