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Smokers draw on apps to quit
Smokers struggling to quit are getting help from a new wave of products like wireless lighters that track activity, e-cigarettes that measure nicotine intake and apps that test the breath for carbon-monoxide levels.
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Big retailers agree to list unit prices on Web sites
Is that television-size box of graham crackers at Costco really a better deal than a standard box at Walmart? Soon, online customers wont have to do the math to figure it out.
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Singapore plans to be world’s first ‘Smart Nation’
The city-state unveils plans for sensors that can help manage traffic congestion, detect harmful air pollutants and even remind someone to take their trash out.
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Apple settles e-book antitrust case with U.S. states, others
Apple Inc reached an out-of-court settlement with U.S. states and other complainants in an e-book price-fixing class action lawsuit on Monday, effectively avoiding a trial in which the iPad maker faced more than $800 million in claims.
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