With technology giants such as Apple and Google pushing the community forward, HTML5 mobile development is quickly changing the face of the mobile market.
Coupled with the proliferation of WebKit-based browsers and the need for a cost-effective solution that supports cross-platform application development, many believe that HTML5 is shaping to be the standard development tool of the future.
Early adopters of HTML5 have been experiencing a wide variety of benefits, namely:

At iammobileapps, we are often asked what is the difference between an iPhone (native app) and HTML5 (mobile web app).  See example below:


iammobileapps believes that as the use of smart phones increase, more people will need to have the ability to view apps across ALL platforms.  We have developed an HTML5 mobile web app store called “moapec” (http://www.moapec.com).  moapec will allow developers to upload their HTML5 apps for users to download their apps to their smart phone with the aid of our moapec app. The moapec app is download to your smart phone similar to the iTunes app store.  The user can then browse all HTML5 apps and download to their smart phone.  Here’s a snapshot of moapec:

iammobileapps will also be providing HTML5 app reviews on its sites, http://www.html5appreviews.com and http://www.html5appreviewsonline.com. We’re excited to be at the forefront of HTML5 mobile web apps!